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  • Bund-Länder-Committee - Project administration Berlin and Hesse of the program "Transfer 21"
  • Dialog-Institut Kassel (Dialog-Institute Kassel)
  • Evangelische Akademie Hofgeismar
  • INBAS GmbH, Offenbach
  • Robert Bosch Foundation, Stuttgart
  • School principals of, amongst others, Georg-August-Zinn-School, Gesamtschule Fuldatal, J.-v.-Eichendorff-School, Offene School Waldau, Reformschule - all in Kassel the surrounding region; principals of Spessart-Gymnasiums Alzenau; co-operation of schools in Bremen-Findorff; also in the German federal states Hesse, North Rhine-Westphalia, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt
  • Parents' association of the following schools: Eschenwaldschule Eschenstruth, Richtsberg Comprehensive School Marburg as well as the Georg-August-Zinn-School, Reformschule, Unterneustädter School, Offene School Waldau und des Friedrichsgymnasiums - all in Kassel
  • Local Education Authority for the city and the county of Kassel
  • City Parents' Association of Kassel city
  • University of Kassel - Department of Education, Women's Representative
  • Chamber of Industry and and Commerce (CIC) junior partners Kassel
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